Starlight On TV in Taiwan!

So there I was, riding my bike near Taiwan Uni campus, minding my own business. But wait, what’s this? Four or five cute anime looking girls and a bunch of TV cameras. I roll up and stop to take a look. The producer spots me, comes over, asks if I speak Chinese…and sure enough, next thing you know I’m being interviewed on camera as a crowd builds around the scene.

But that wasn’t all. After that shoot, they asked me to cruise around with them. We walked to a new location and played “Superman!” where the hosts yell into megaphones and a panel of judges (including yours truly) rates Taiwanese girls doing dance routines. Some used nunchuks, some just danced to T-pop and overall it was a funny ass experience.

Getting ready to play "Superman"

I’m trying to figure out which channel and when it airs. If I can get a copy of the video you can be damn sure I’ll upload it here. Oh yeah, and if you’ve been reading my blog and this all sounds a bit familiar…it’s because I got on TV in Beijing last Summer, though this was admittedly much more fun :)

Starlight with Hosts of Some Random Taiwan TV Show

Starlight in Taiwan – Signing off

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