Starlight Bio

Starlight’s story spans 25 countries on 5 continents. Born and raised in San Francisco, he has lived in Los Angeles, Nashville, Vienna, Austria and London on two different occasions. Starlight began as a guitarist and record label owner, touring America with music on MTV and even scoring the #1 Independent Rock Song in America in late 2005. Since then he has founded 3 companies, been a Vice President at an investment bank, and traveled Europe, Russia and China extensively for fun and profit, speaking in the native language on most occasions.

But while Starlight may look good on paper, between the lines his story of success with women is still a work in progress. As with so many other guys, a high school relationship gone bad carried over to years of loneliness and frustration. Not understanding why the relationship went wrong led directly to years of fleeting relationships lacking depth and passion. “I just felt that I would have to settle for the girls I could get, not knowing how to get the girls I wanted.”

Even the welcome change of “some fun groupie experiences” on tour didn’t answer his most enduring questions about women. What makes beautiful women attracted to seemingly normal looking guys? How can I get girls to know the real me without seeming needy and weird? Why does it seem like girls love guys who treat them badly?

Then one day Starlight found a copy of The Game at the airport on his way to Mexico City. “I read the entire book on that flight… I couldn’t believe something like this existed!” Eager to put it to the test, Starlight ran routines straight out of the book in Spanish and ended up having a whirlwind courtship with a sexy young local before flying home 24 hours later. He set up an account on The Attraction Forums and began documenting the most important journey of his life – improving his social agility and success with women.

“In the beginning, I was sort of ashamed because I needed to learn how to meet and attract girls… so I went out by myself every weekend to clubs my friends didn’t want to go to. I’d blast techno music in my apartment and dance around reading Magic Bullets to get fired up, then run outside, jump in a cab, and be in the club 10 minutes later. A strange period of my life, but it completely changed my outlook on what’s possible.”

Starlight enjoyed incremental successes, but really wanted to learn from the Best of the Best. So when he saw Mr. M’s post on the Love System’s Blog announcing Project Rockstar, he jumped at the opportunity. His entire two-month adventure can be found here at Project Rockstar. And now, on the other side of that truly transformative experience Starlight is proud to be a Love Systems Instructor… working with, as he puts it, “The only dating and pickup company with VIP Access to The Playboy Mansion!”

Starlight specializes in teaching Identity, Lifestyle and Adventure as a sure-fire means of improving your life. Identity: to be comfortable and congruent with who you are and all that you can become. Lifestyle: to travel freely and often; to be thriving instead of just surviving. And, Adventure: to make it all fun and interesting.