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Playboy Reviews Cajun & Tenmagnet Bootcamp

What’s up guys,
Today I gotta give major props to Cajun and Tenmagnet for the positive review one of their recent bootcamps received from Playboy! It’s not every day that Playboy sends a reporter out to cover a 3-day program, but maybe they got word that we’ve infiltrated a few of the Mansion parties and wanted to see the magic for themselves ;-)

Playboy Article Reviewing Cajun and Tenmagnet Love Systems bootcamp

At first we see the expected tongue-in-cheek remarks about Cajun’s looks:

At the front stood a far cry from a popped collared, slick-haired Adonis I had imagined would be leading us all to the light. At 5’8” and scruffy, bearded and maybe big-nosed, Cajun was what one might find as standard fare on college campuses across America.”

But ultimately, the author couldn’t help but be impressed that these seemingly average looking guys with assumed names could transform the lives of the bootcamp students. It is a story I’ve seem play out a number of times, and it’s a testament to what we teach at Love Systems that you don’t have to be some “slick-haired Adonis” to pick up the best looking girls around. What it takes is personality, persistance and the right theory to work from.

After the first night in-field the reporter notices an observed change in the attitude of the students, and how they relate to one another:

It carried over to the session the next day. The mood had shifted. The group had gone from wading in the shallow end to being thrown head first into the deep and the water suited them. The day addressed specific problems, proposed specific solutions and offered some tried and true advice that can only come from years of being blown out by women and learning from those mistakes.

And finally, the true testament of what it means to back our instruction with a 100% money-back guarantee, the reporter closes by saying:

Ask any of the ten men that signed on that weekend and they’ll tell you 3000 dollars was a small price to pay for what they had been given.

Ahhh, the sweet scent of vindication from the magazine I used to hide under my bed and dream of visiting the grotto. Well guess what? Now you can learn to live out that dream and not just be a spectator. With enough practice and the right attitude you can be dating Playboy quality girls just like a good part of the Love Systems instructor team has!

Read the article on here – Learning The Lines: A Weekend With The Pickup Artists

Rock on Cajun and Tenmagnet!

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