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Jeremy Soul – #1 Daytime Dating Coach has Codified His Wisdom in a Book!

July 28, 2010 @ 12:00 am
posted by admin

The first time I saw Jeremy Soul was the first day of Project Rockstar 2008…long before I was a Love Systems Instructor. I remember the first thing I thought was “Is this someone’s random roomate that just walked into our meeting or something cause there is no way this guy can pick up chics?” Then Mr. M said “Let me introduce you to Soul” …and I did a double take. I hope he doesn’t mind me saying, but at the time I almost literally couldn’t believe that this was the guy I had heard about from so many people. I thought he was way too ugly to get even one girl, let alone practically anyone he wants. Well, I still had a lot to learn back then…

Daytime Dating Coach Jeremy Soul

Since then we’ve had some crazy fun adventures together, taught workshops all over the world and I consider him one of my best friends to boot. Jeremy is the living embodiment of the Love Buy Cipro Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed System’s ethos that anyone, regardless of race, background, looks etc., can have boundless success in life, given they are willing to put in the time and effort. Jeremy Soul has put in that time and effort, and then some. Levitra commercial Cheapest levitra I’ve seen him at moments of peak experience, stopping groups of models on the street and charming them in minutes…just as we’ve been there for each other when things aren’t so hot.

Jesse Starlight and Jeremy Soul

He is one of the most inspiring and level-headed people I know, and is a master teacher in every sense of the word. Jeremy has this way of meeting people wherever they are at in life and working with them, alongside them, to improve their love lives, concepts of relationship and overall sense of well-being. Levitra purchase And while it is a great gift to be able to teach others, his skills are born from endless trial and error to the point where he can confidently and cooly walk up to a girl like this and have a date set within 15 minutes.

Jeremy Soul in Oslo

I’m proud to count him as one of my best mates. Levitra woman And have no reservations giving his upcoming book Daytime Dating – Never Sleep Alone a resounding endorsement. Two thumbs up. He’s been working on this book for the better part of two years, and from what I’ve seen it is the hands-down, definitive guide to meeting and attracting quality women in the daytime anywhere.

Check out the sample chapters and keep an eye out for the release date. I literally can’t wait to read the whole thing

Daytime Dating – Never Sleep Alone by Jeremy Soul

Jesse Starlight

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