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Playboy Mansion Denouement – An Illustrated Account of Kandy Masquerade 2010

Playboy Mansion Denouement – An Illustrated Account of Kandy Masquerade

“God I love my life”

That was the first thought that popped into my head as I opened my eyes, slightly hungover, and found myself looking out across Los Angeles valley…all the way to the ocean, totally clear. That happens like, what, once a year?

Second thought: “Oh damn, there even playing the Adam K remix of 4am down at the pool!” – But then I realized I just left my computer on repeat when I passed out at like 5:12am.

The Playboy Mansion did not fail to disappoint. We made sure to arrive early and were treated to the grand entrance of entirely naked, fully body-painted models and playmates alike

I proposed to a number of girls…and I remember at least two of them saying yes. This is a dangerous habit of mine, especially when doing programs with Future, because somehow, someway he is officially an ordained minister. I always weave that into the act and am probably officially married to around 8 girls on three continents as a result. Ha!

In any event, we opted to take our honeymoon in the Grotto and splashed around for a bit (although, in full disclosure I did not strip down and jump in like last time), to celebrate and consummate our new holy union.

Hugh Hefner made an appearance, which always draws a big crowd. He is never really in public without at least 4-5 girls, and tonight was no exception. In fact, I want to take a moment to thank the Hef for blazing a trail of awesomeness and inspiration. When I was 16 I idolized the guy and dreamed of hanging out at the Mansion. I guess dreams do come true!

The students had a blast as well, and made some pretty striking progress. One in particular who is relatively new to the game and this kind of lifestyle had some reservations before we hit the Mansion. After a couple drinks and some warm-up photos with half-naked chics, he came out of his proverbial shell and was just on fire the rest of the night.

Once the party really got underway (read: when Paul Oakenfold hit the stage!!) the place just exploded. The thing I love about Mansion parties is, well, some clubs you go to and at first it’s like “Whoa, this is the shit!” but then you go for a couple weeks and then it’s more like “Cool, well, here we are.”  – The Mansion is just not like that. Every time it exceeds whatever expectations I have and is just a crazy off-the-hook party

At a certain point memories started to blend together into a composite mosaic of nudity, body paint, alcohol, fun, and catered food. But towards the end of the night I caught a moment of relative peace on the stage with one of my DJ heroes Paul Oakenfold and got to give him my respects.

And as the night wound down. Someone needed a couple girls needed a lift home. I said I didn’t drive. That wasn’t what they had in mind

I really hope that things don’t change too much when Señor Hefner passes on to that big Grotto in the sky. It would be a real shame to lose such a bastion of permissivness and forthright sensuality.

I’m going to try and make this a semi-regular thing; running training events at the Mansion. So keep an eye out in about 6 months for another chance to visit the adult version of the Happiest Place on Earth.



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