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Playboy Mansion – Kandy Masquerade – Today is Your Last Chance!

Hey Guys,

So, if you live in California you probably saw a demonstrably excited email or two about the advanced training event that Future and I are running this Saturday. The Playboy Mansion: Kandy Masquerade Party w/ Future and Starlight is fast approaching, so if you’re interested I suggest you get in touch with Jeremy Lubin TODAY and lock it in: [email protected] or (800)680-0821 ext.110

Here is the original post I put up for the event. Seriously. It doesn’t really get much better than this on planet Earth :)


Hey Guys,

I’ve been thinking a lot about New Years resolutions…hell, new decade resolutions and am filling up a list with everything I want to do in the next 10 years. Of all the things that you’ve done in the last ten years, is there something missing? One secret wish that hasn’t yet been fulfilled?

Well, if the answer is yes, and if that one special event involves naked playmates covered in edible body paint and candy corns, I have good news for you!

Let’s kick off the 2010′s in style at: Kandy Masquerade: An Evening of Mystique and Seduction at the Playboy Mansion, February 27, 2010!

This is one of the most exclusive events at the Playboy Mansion and under normal circumstances you need an invite from a member of the Karma Foundation which can cost up to $2,000 based on demand.

Well guess what, I’ve got some some tickets and they’re burning a hole in my pocket!

Have you seen the reviews from the last Advanced Bootcamp at the Playboy Mansion, lead by none other than Savoy himself? Out of 12 guys on the program a total of 7 went home with playmate-quality girls!! I mean that is just unheard of (and doesn’t include the Instructors ;-)

Here is an excerpt from one of the attendees:


It is 5:21 am PST, I’m tired as shit, the scotch is still seeping from my pours, and I’m happier and prouder than I can ever remember being! Which is why I have to just tell someone what just happened despite my current state. The final text of the weekend just arrived “I had a flocking good time J” she writes… time stamp: 5:23 am PST. A straight up 10, one of the Playboy Playmate recruits from the mansion Sat night, just left my hotel room. She’s f***ing gorgeous and bones like a porn star!

…Finally, and most importantly! STARLIGHT IS A GOD! After the Sunday seminar he gave me a personal debriefing on my whole night as I had some particular questions. His advise led me to text the girl I lost on the bus home and sure enough she wanted to hang out. Starlight gave me some great text game coaching (which I SUCK at) and as a result, my 10 showed up at my hotel and I closed the hottest girl I’ve ever been with! All-in-all, the best weekend of my life!

-H.F. (Full review here)

No doubt that was one hell of a night!

Now imagine that kind of a set up at THE event of the year at the Playboy Mansion. Imagine yourself in the midst of 300+ drop-dead gorgeous models in body paint, open bar and food all night, cameos by movie stars and even Hugh Hefner himself surrounded by 5 blondes like a champ.

Now hold that thought…add in some of the top Dating Coaches in the world working with you, strategizing, winging you in set, generally making it our mission to give you an experience like in the testimonial above. I want nothing short of the best night of 2010!

That is the opportunity I have to offer you…call it an early Christmas present

If you want in, please notice that this is an exclusive group-training event and not a traditional Love Systems bootcamp.

We’ll get together earlier in the day and work together for 4-5 hours to fine-tune your game, work on personalizing stories and material for you and provide some fashion and style consulting to stand-out in the crowd at the Playboy Mansion. Like when I arrived for the Kandy Halloween party as the original International Man of Mystery:

“ The Playboy Mansion was UNBELIEVABLE. I have NEVER seen so many 9′s and 10′s in one place before. There were sets all over the place! It was like sarging heaven. Surprisingly enough, almost all of the girls were very approachable and not even a bit bitchy or cold like I would have expected. With all of these amazing instructors at my disposal I wanted to make sure I learned as much as possible from them. I achieved my goal and I’m glad I did this, as I was rewarded with amazing feedback and got to see some of the best instructors in the business at work in the field.”

-S.F. (Full review here)

If you want to come have an experience that will make your future grandchildren jealous, call or write Jeremy to sign-up:

[email protected] or 1-800-680-0821 ext.110

I only have room for a handful of guys and once the tickets are gone…they are gone for good. So to be fair, it’s first-come-first-serve.

Game On!!

Kandy Masquerade: An Evening of Mystique and Seduction at The Playboy Mansion is another post by Dating Coach Starlight


Girl Game – Girls Get a Strategy to Meet Mr. Right in San Francisco

Girl Game

So, last weekend Soul, Bonsai and I ran a sold-out Day Game workshop in San Francisco.SF Weekly sent out a camera crew and female reporter to cover the event, which was fun in the sense that sometimes girls would see the photographer’s lens poking out of the bushes while we were in set in Union Square!

Anyhow, after the event ended, over a few drinks, the reporter threw out the idea: “Hey, how about we put up a Twitter alert for 6 girls looking to improve their love lives with a few professional dating coaches?”

Hmm…coach girls on how to approach & open guys? Sounds fun. A whole new storyline for SF Weekly to play with. And the chance to put a lot of brainstorming with Soul and Whim to work.

So we showed up in the Marina at 8p to meet the 6 lucky ladies.

There was a tall blond personal trainer looking to meet potential mates outside of her profession, a twentysomething Asian advertising exec that just loathed being approached by guys…but yearned to meet new people and build connections in neutral territory before even broaching intimacy.

We sat outside under the clear night sky and heat lamps, getting a feel for all of there relationship lives of late. A lot of interesting stuff came up

Turns out there are a lot of girls out there who are frustrated that guys don’t “do what they’re supposed to” when they give invitations to approach like smiling, looking at you or doing a double take.

So we decided to flip the script and have them open guys, riffing on the stereotype:

“Hey, so I know I’m supposed to stand over and smile at you until you come talk to me, but…I thought you looked cool, so I wanted to come say hi”

Guys jaws dropped, a couple thought they were kidding, but only ONE guy-set blew out our chics all night :)

Here is a mindmap that Soul & Whim created to map out Girl Game

Girl Game

Soul and I also got a chance to confirm some of the material that we teach:

  • Female attraction works like a volume knob; it’s not just on/off like a light switch, and needs to be ramped up through a variety of emotions and intrigue.
  • Girls do not get all dolled up just to go dance with their girl friends. They want to meet cool, interesting guys, but generally have come to despise being approached by guys who “just don’t get it” or are “sleezy and weird,” or perhaps worse of all: “guys that are just plain boring”
  • That they are irresistibly (and sometimes unexplainably) attracted to guys that “just don’t give a fuck” or can be jerks sometimes…that aren’t afraid of what other people think. (I think this is because it’s a good counter-balance to female hyper-awareness of relative social value, and there place in the hierarchy)

An important takeaway of mine is summed up like this:

All in all, a fun night out. When the article comes out I’ ll post it here. Thanks SF Weekly

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