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A Month In The Life – SE Asia Watch Out

Summer time is always the best time of the year. The sun comes out, and the sundresses come on. It’s also a great time to travel, and I’m all about that. So what’s been happening on my end? Plenty!

San Francisco – Soul, Kisser, Bonsai and your truly rocked the biggest Day Game seminar to date. We literally owned downtown SF one magical Friday afternoon. Between all the students there were over 50 phone numbers received and probably 10+ dates set in 4 short hours of roaming Union Square and talking to every good looking girl in sight


Austin, TX - Summer in Austin = H-O-T. Holy crap, I damn near melted walking down 6th street in the daytime, it was like 105 f*&ing degrees! Great Day Game seminar with Soul here too…but it was so damn hot that no one was outside, so we did about 2 hours of approaches in Whole Foods. Hot girls + cool AC + healthy organic food and Lululemon pants = A fun afternoon. Things really heat up at night time though. It was my first (and definitely not last) time in Austin. 6th Street is off the hook!!

Hong Kong – Now it’s off to Hong Kong for like the 6th time in the last 12 months. When I’m not travelling with my boys Mr M, Soul, & Braddock, I spend time on my custom USB flash drive business. Our factories are in south China which is a short trip from Hong Kong. Basically, I love Hong Kong. It is the SE Asia’s answer to London or New York…and international megatropolis, bustling with activity 24/7.

Mr M and I are running a bootcamp in HK this weekend. I think there are still a couple spots left, if you want to come join us, we’re pulling out all the stops for an unforgettable weekend. Hit me up: Starlight at LoveSystems dot com

Singapore – This one falls into the “never been but always wanted to go” category. Singapore is a small city-state at the tip of the Malaysian peninsula where you can be arrested for spitting on the sidewalk and thrown in the slammer (or worse) for carrying even a little bit of pot (note to self: double check suitcase for pot brownie crumbs before packing tonight!). The upshot is, the city is supposed to be super efficient, have and awesome nightlife, and a plethora of talent. Like their most recent export to the world stage:
Maybe getting arrested in Singapore wouldn’t be so bad after all…

All in all, the life of a dating coach is crazy fo’ sho! See ya on the flipside and send in your Project Rockstar applications. Four days left for the chance to dramatically give your life a change for the awesome.

~ Starlight ~