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Chose Your Own Adventure Game

Yo! What’s up everyone who may or may not read my blog:) Here is a cool excerpt from a conversation Soul and I have been having about Day Game, hope it helps:

…Pinging for a Golden Mirror subject (what a girl wants out of life at a deep level) is an important consideration when seeking to demonstrate high value. Consider an analogy of a businessman working the room, gently screening for that which can benefit his pursuits, and careful not to get tied up in conversation that doesn’t serve his purposes, so can a man DHV to a girl by deftly moving the conversation out of areas where no commonalities exist, through a series of topics until a shared interest is touched upon, then diving deeper into that.

So an example could be…in a bookstore:

John:   Is that the new Conde Naste? I’ve been meaning to read the article on Jamaica…is it good?
Sarah: Oh, I was just flipping through this waiting for my friend
John: Got it, isn’t this a great place to meet up, being right downtown and all.
Sarah: Yeah, you’re right
John: You’ve got the best food in the city two blocks that way, and all the touristy stuff to show out-of-towners right on the other side of the street. Easy.
Sarah: Haha, yeah, my aunt from Texas is visiting for the first time and wants to go see all the tourist stuff.
John: You’re not from Texas are you? I don’t here the accent, unless you like went to a speech therapist to get rid of it cause everyone here teased you cause of it (smile, laugh, light kino).
Sarah: No, you’re funny, I’m not from Texas, I’m Californian. Oh, God I would never live in Texas…
John: Yeah forget that, I’ll take an earthquake every hundred years instead of 10 tornadoes a month any day.
Sarah: haha, totally. What’s your name anyway…

And away you go. Maybe this illustrates what I would otherwise just try to explain. It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Ever see those, where you read a page then it gives you three choices of what to do next telling you to flip to pg 84 if you decide to kill the dragon, or page 93 if you run away to find the king etc.

So if the girl responds differently to the opener, like “Yeah, I’m going to Jamaica next month and checking out the best party spots” then the response takes that into consideration and you go down that conversational channel: “Awesome! I was there last year and there’s this crazy spot just south of Kingston that you gotta check out! “

By framing conversations like Choose Your Own Adventure novels, you control the direction of the interaction, as either conversational thread that is pursued is one that you initiated. After Sara acknowledges that the bookstore is a good meeting spot, John sets the stage for her to reveal more about her plans in a non-threatening casual way. This one hits, as Sarah’s aunt is visiting. Then that thread is followed to determine where she’s from with some humor value provided to make it easy/comfortable for Sarah to open up more.

So, if there is anything I can say about value, it’s that building value is easy with a measured indifference to where the conversation goes. It’s a push-pull, if she is steering towards something of interest…then reward and relate. If she is going down a negative conversational thread, snip and stack into something more conducive to her becoming attracted to you