1 on 1 training

Individualized programs, in the form of 1-1 instruction or very small groups (3 or less students), can be arranged with me.

A “day” generally consists of individualized theory and practice tailored to your specific situation and needs. Have a couple of specific sticking points you want to focus on? Want a refresher after taking the bootcamp? Any of that is possible.

Alternatively, individualized training is also very useful if you have a specific city or date you want training and it doesn’t match with the regular Love Systems workshop schedule.

Usually, a 1-1 day is about 8 hours, but this depends on the activity. Shopping, theory, and observing the student interacting with women is less intense than an instructor actively conducting demonstrations with women for the student to observe.

What really happens on a one-on-one?

Click here to listen to a student describe his experience (it’s a big file; I’d recommend downloading it first and then listening to it from your computer).

Subsequent update: The student’s situation is further updated here.

The 100% money back guarantee applies to individualized training, just as it does to all Love Systems products.

Click here to see some reviews of recent individualized training programs.

We often travel and are able to serve most major US cities upon request. Contact us for more information if you would like to schedule a 1-on-1 and/or a fashion consult in a city near you. For more information regarding individualized training, email .